Atatiki's Commitment to Training New Developers

Over the past few years Atatiki Solutions has been delivering FileMaker Developer training every Thursday afternoon to the students of E.F.A. El Campico in Alicante.

Students in their first year of the Advanced Degree in On-Site Multi Platform Applications Development are trained in the use and programming of the database tool FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary, these lessons are taught by our senior technical leads based in Spain.

In this course students are taught how to plan, design and develop using FileMaker’s Workplace Innovation Platform, whilst learning how to use FileMaker the students also acquire knowledge of Apple products. Students also learn about the integration of FileMaker with other software platforms and services.

Once the course is finished, there are opportunities for the student to begin an internship within Atatiki, allowing a professional career to be established straight out of education with access to a multi-national business and the related projects.

Over the last two years Atatiki has expanded its workforce thanks to this course with the addition of 4 new FileMaker developers.

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